Sunday, September 18, 2011

So much time and so little to do. Wait a minute. Strike that. Reverse it.

I have been craving crafting...all...week...long.

I need to finish so many things and time's ticking! I tried to use my time wisely but I still feel like I need more, more, more! Off to what I've managed to to accomplish this weekend:

"Trunk Full of Memories" File Album. I picked up this tute from Laura Denison a while back. And while I anxiously scurried about looking for the bits and bobs I would need to complete the project, my head just couldn't decide on what I needed to make it perfect. I'm not a scrapbooker by any means. I don't even like being in pictures, and I'm usually the one who forgets to charge the battery on my digital camera. Yet I love constructing albums. WHAT A WEIRDO! Anyways, this is a surprise album for my cousin's birthday next week-Seven of us will be going to Disneyland so the kiddies can trick or treat (the one and only year my daughter did this in our neighborhood, she came home with cough drops!), and us "grown folks" can be kids again. The downside is that this year, POC and the Blue Bayou will be closed for refurbishment, but I thought I could still bring the Birthday Girl and Captain Sparrow together after I saw Laura demo her project on YouTube. It's done, but I may end up making the mini-album that goes along with the project because again, I collected too much ephemera...such a good gather I am!

"Charmed, I'm sure". I joined another swap over at the All Things Tim group on Yahoo. A charm swap is again, something I have never done, but I've always had a desire to, in the back of my head. These are just the beaded parts, I still have to bust out my Tim Holtz Fragments and see what manifests! I also joined the Steampunk tag swap so I think that's why my beads have that industrial look to them...maybe my brain thought I was going to add some to my tags. On a sugar high note, I was able to repurpose my cupcake (ok, cupcake and a scoop of ice cream) carrier from Cupcake Craving-the compartments and raised lid give me lots of room to store this project until I can finish it! I may have to come home with a six-pack carrier for my other bits to live in...I'll just have to eat the cupcakes for the sake of an organized craft area, I'm just sayin...

Which bring me to the steampunk tags...I've been experimenting with making little charmies out of shrink plastic again, and I wanted to try Tim's Rusted Grunge technique. While I like these, I still want to play some more before I decide exactly what I'm going to do this go around. I am positive that I will use a few techniques from Tim's book, A Compendium of Curiosities, and I would be lying if his dvd's weren't on repeat this weekend.

And all the while, my crafting companion did what he does best...sleeping until he hears the camera power up-what a sour puss face, guess he doesn't like being in pictures either, lol!

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